დავით მუსხელიშვილი

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გამომცემლობა არტანუჯი
ISBN 9789941504747
გვერდები 156
ფორმატი 30/41
გამოცემის თარიღი 2023
ყდა მაგარი
სტატუსი გაყიდვაშია

The Historical Atlas of Georgia contains over seventy colour maps and explanatory texts that trace the development of the territory of Georgian statehood from ancient times to the present day.
“The Historical Atlas of Georgia” is actually a documentary publication: in its explanatory texts, the political image of the state is depicted and argumented on every map, by pointing to the primary source and relying on the special literature.
The Atlas is an indispensable handbook for students and the general reader who have an interest in Georgian history.
The volume is of great interest for researchers involved in Byzantine, Oriental and Russian studies.
The book was published with the support of charitable foundation “Khareba”