Ready for IELTS _ with CD

Sam McCarter

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გამომცემლობა MACMILLAN
ISBN 9780230732189
გვერდები 280
ფორმატი 28X21
გამოცემის თარიღი
ყდა რბილი
სტატუსი არ არის გაყიდვაში


with key

  • 14 motivating topic-based units
  • Review section at the and of each unit
  • 'ready for' units that focus on each part of the IELTS exam
  • Varied speaking practice throughout
  • Analysis of te main language areas that are useful for the IELTS exam
  • Systematic exam training, including advice and help for each part of the exam
  • Vocabulary slots with emphasis on practical use for all aspects of the IELTS exam
  • Topic-based Wordlist
  • Listening scripts

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