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გამომცემლობა არტანუჯი
ISBN 9789941513244
გვერდები 48
ფორმატი 24x30
გამოცემის თარიღი 2024
ყდა რბილი
სტატუსი გაყიდვაშია

I’m an orphan boy who dreams the most incredible dreams every night, which is why they call me Dreamer. I once had a dream so incredible that everybody I told it to wanted it for themselves, but I wouldn’t let them have it. An angry king even had me thrown into a pit to stop me from giving it away, but as we always say, God does not abandon the righteous.
Now I have the sun shining down on me from one side and the moon from the other, while Venus bathes my hands and face. Surprised? Open this colourful book and I’ll tell you all about my huge adventure.
You probably have a lot of incredible dreams yourself. If you’ve ever dreamed of the most wonderful and beautiful thing you can imagine, then remember not to let anybody else have that dream – whoever asks for it – and who knows, maybe it will come true for you one day like my dream did for me.
Ilustrated by Varlam Jmukhadze

დიდი ექვთიმე


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