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გამომცემლობა არტანუჯი
ISBN 9789941513251
გვერდები 56
ფორმატი 24/30
გამოცემის თარიღი 2024
ყდა მაგარი
სტატუსი გაყიდვაშია

They call me Ash-Raker because there’s nothing I love more than raking ashes. I once ran into a nine-headed devi and played a few tricks on him. If you want to know how someone as tiny as me stood up to a mighty devi, how I squeezed juice from a stone, and how I crossed a vast river without getting wet, then open this book, read my fabulous adventure, and always remember: “Guile bests force if one has wit.”
Ilustrated by Varlam Jmukhadze

დიდი ექვთიმე


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